What does EMVISE stand for?

It hasn't really been decided yet. Take your pick:

Okay, so the name is meaningless. What can EMVISE do for me?

Nothing much at the moment. It is still in the pre-alpha stage. EMVISE aims to become a collection of dynamically loadable modules for TclTk, Perl, Python to ease the task of building custom 3D modellers and rendering engines. It is not the intention to produce one comrehensive completely integrated monolithic application (say, like 3D Studio Max, or Lightwave, or Maya). Instead one builds small tools to handle a restricted set of tasks as the need arises -- the aim is to make it possible to do this rapidly by supplying components that are easy to connect (or integrate, if you prefer). The scripting language environments (Python, TclTk, Perl, etc) are the means by which integration is achieved -- a simple form of "middleware".

What is the current status?

There is source code but it's in pieces -- in the form of separately loadable shared object files (.so files, or dynamically loadable libraries). No real integration yet. But you're welcome to play with the code. I still need to make a start on the programmable shading, motion blur support, tangent plane continuous surfaces, etc. So much to do. So little time...